College of Teacher Education

The College of Education today seats at the 1918 main Normal School Building. This college is the bearer of the Normal School which was a school for Educators as envisioned by the American educators as early as 1901 in Zamboanga City. It continued the legacy of the Normal School on Education and tutelage of Teacher Training and Instruction.

Undergraduate Programs:

a) Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
    General Education
    Early Childhood Education
    Special Education

b) Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd)
    Social Studies
    Biology Science
    Physical Science
    Values Education

Graduate Programs:

Master of Arts in Education major in the following:
    Special Education
    Educational Administration
    Educational Guidance
    Social Studies
    Language Teaching (English, Filipino)
    Social Health Education
    Home Economics
    Mathematics Education

Post-Graduate Program:

Doctor in Education (Ed.D), Major: Educational Administration