College of Public Administration and Development Studies

The College of Public Administration and Development Studies was formally organized in 1998 from the then Institute of Development Studies and Administration that traces its beginnings to the old Graduate School’s offering of the MPA Program in 1977. It is college devoted to professional studies in both the master’s and doctoral levels, training public administrators in Personnel, Local Government, and Socio-Economic Development Administration.

The Institute shall be a Center of Excellence for Public Administration education, training and research as well as development studies in the Philippines and the entire Asia-Pacific Region.

The IDSA will contribute to Philippines’ national development efforts through the education and training of development-oriented managers and administrators, the provision of technical assistance through consultancy services to various private and public organizations, and the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge through research on the causes and roots of societal problems and challenges as basis for programmed approaches and solutions thereof.

Post-graduate Program:

Doctor of Public Administration

Graduate Programs:

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
     Field of Specialization:
     Personnel Administration
     Organization and Management
     Fiscal Administration
     Program Development & Administration

Master in Local Government Administration (MLGA)
     Field of Specialization:
     Socio-Economic Development Administration
     Political Development Administration