College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports

CPERS shall be the leader in the field of Human Movement Sciences in the region and its neighboring countries.

The college mission is to educate and produce knowledgeable, well – trained and high level professionals who can be leaders required by a competitive society. The college also conducts relevant programs, research activities and extension services that will continue as its inherent function contributory to the revival, preservation and promotion of the Filipino cultural heritage in terms of games, sports and dances. The college also provides quality professionals, relevant researches, significant programs and extension services.

Undergraduate Programs:

a) Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE)
b) Diploma in Physical Education (DiPE)
c) Diploma in Sports Couching (DiSC)

Graduate Programs:

a) Diploma in Physical Education (DiPE)
b) Master of Science in Physical Education (MSPE)