College of Home Economics

Established in 1987 as a College, however had started as a Department of Home Economics under the College of Arts and Sciences in the early 70’s. The college had fully developed and had been producing competent professionals who are able to assume leadership roles in home economics, food technology, nutrition and dietetics, public health, hotel and restaurant management both in local and international arena. The college had significantly developed and is competent to offer various undergraduate degree programs and specialized graduate programs which cater to the needs and demands of the community.
Undergraduate Degree Programs:

BSFT is a four-year curriculum designed to provide knowledge and training to the foundation of food technology associated with raw food materials and production management, food science and technology and food processing. Students are required to do practical exposure in different food industries and to a special study (thesis) in relation to food and food production.

This course has wide – range of career opportunities to include the following:

Quality control in the commissary and kitchen of fast food chain, Quality control assurance, technical sales and food sales representative, food researcher in government and private food companies, instructor in academic institutions, product development specialist, food technology consultant, food based entrepreneurship, bakery outlet supervisor, production / laboratory supervisor / manager.

BSHEED is a four-year course which includes a 6 unit practice teaching to expose students in the actual home management. It prepares graduates to the important responsibilities of a wage earning home economics related career, to teach in high school, vocational school and occupational programs and area skills in the academe.

Service areas includes child and adult care and guidance, food management, family and consumer sciences and life management. Graduates are also able to teach in high school, vocational school and occupational programs, area skills center and community colleges.

BSHRM is a four-year program which equips students with the necessary skills to qualify him to the competitive world of hotel & restaurant management, tourism industry and the entire demanding hospitality world. Students are trained and exposed to the actual nature required of the course through the intensive 600hrs practicum programs on the areas of Hospitality, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Banquet and Catering and Hotel Front Desk and Office procedures. These practicum programs are carried out both locally and internationally through the strong linkages built by the University to the world or renowned hotels and restaurants.

Graduates may find employment in various agencies such as human resource management, food and beverage supervisor in hotels, cruise luxury liners crew/manager, hotel front desk personnel/manager, executive house keeper, kitchen manager, food service/catering consultant, restaurant and hotel entrepreneurship/manager/operator, university college instructor.

BSND is a four-year course which requires graduates to pass the licensure examination to be a full pledge nutritionist – dietitian. Students culinary skills are developed as they are trained in various culinary activities. Students are exposed to three (3) supervised field experiences namely, Hospital Dietetics, Food Service and Public health Nutrition Practicum.

It has a wide career demands in hospitals as hospitals nutritionist and in food establishments and food companies, Nutritionist in both government and private agencies, private/athletic diet and nutrition consultant, health and wellness clinic supervisor, manager in food establishments, food/health researcher and academician.

DFP is a two-year course in food processing complete with a 33 – unit general education course, 39 units professional course, 15 units tool course and 3 units practicum. Graduates of this course may embark in private entrepreneurship on food and processed food.

Graduates can be employed in food services and are prepared for careers in food manufacturing, product development, food analysis and microbiology, research, training in food industry, academic institutions, food service establishment, food business and food products consultancy.

Graduate Program:

Master of Arts in Education Major in:
     Home Economics
     Health Education