College of Engineering

The College of Engineering is one of the oldest colleges of the University. From its humble beginnings as an Institute of Engineering and Technology offering only two engineering courses, it has now produce engineering graduates in the different fields of engineering. The college is consistently producing board to notch and high board passing rate in the Engineering Board Examinations which are consistently higher than the national passing rate.

Undergraduate Programs:

A two–year General Engineering Curriculum is given and required of the students as a pre–engineering course leading to all Professional Engineering Courses. Upon completion of such, students are qualified to specialize on the engineering program of their choice.


A six-semester or three–year curriculum prepares the students to do design, construction of physical structures. Students are also equipped and oriented on plumbing, irrigation, flood control and other engineering structure development. This qualifies the graduates to take the junior geodetic, urban planning and plumbing licensure examinations.Graduates of this program are open to a lot of career opportunities. Construction engineer/manager (private, government or personal) structural design, urban planning, geodetic and plumbing engineer, private consultancy and engineering, research and engineer educator.

A three-year curriculum which prepares students to be highly knowledgeable in computer hardware. The program exposes the students to various approaches in dealing with problems in computer hardware design and other computer based devices.Graduates can be employed as Information Technician/staff in IT companies and they can engage in design, development, implementation, maintenance and as well as management of computer systems.

A six-semester curriculum emphasizes on the design, installation, operation and maintenance of various electrical equipment and apparatuses. It covers applications as to generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy for different industrial and commercial uses.Job opportunities vary from Electrical application as planner, consultant and contractor. Sales and Electrical Design Engineer, Electrical Design and maintenance in private/government agencies and academician.

After taking the 2–year pre–engineering course, students can proceed to take BS Environmental Engineering, for another three years for the major subjects in the course. This course is concerned with the environment, management of the natural resources, care about the biological, chemical and physical reactions in the air, land and water environments and on the latest technology for integrated management systems which relates to reuse, recycle, reduction and recovery measures. This course also covers management of liquid resources (potable and other uses), solid waste, reduction of air and land contamination, toxic and hazardous wastes, protection and preservation of wildlife habitat, endangered species and overall well–being of the ecosystem.Career path as graduate of this course include plant engineer, field service control supervisor, environment engineer on waste water, environmental supervisor.

A five-year engineering course with two years pre – general engineering course plus three years major course. A licensure examination is required for one to practice as a Geodetic Engineer.Career opportunities vary from realty management consultant, mapping and surveying supervisor, local registration consultant, surveying instructor, geodetic information system supervisor and researcher.

A three-year specialized curriculum which prepare students to do design, improvement, installation and maintenance of integrated systems covering information, materials, methods, and people. The curriculum encompasses the engineering and social sciences, industrial management and human behavior.Career opportunities includes quality planning and design engineer, project coordinator/analyst/consultant, research analyst and academician.

A three-year specialized curriculum which emphasizes the professionalism in mechanical engineering and practice. It provides the fundamental knowledge, theoretical as well as the practical handling of various machineries. Students analyze its structures and construction, cycles, functions and operations.Career Opportunities include: technical assistant, production, operation and maintenance engineer, plant and facilities engineer, researcher, project engineer and academician.

h) Bachelor of Science in Sanitary Engineering
i) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, major in Information Technology and Software Technology
j) Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

Graduate Programs:

a) Master of Engineering Education
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Information and Communication Technology

b) Master of Science in Structural Engineering
c) Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
Field of Study:
Environmental Management and Technology
Water and Waste Water Engineering

Career opportunities vary from realty management consultant, mapping and surveying supervisor, local registration consultant, surveying instructor, geodetic information system supervisor and researcher.